Are you getting full value from your website?

You’re considering significant website changes but you’re reluctant to commit resources without clear vision and a solid roadmap. Or maybe you’ve hit the wall on your overall online strategy and need to get back on track.

For more than 20 years, I’ve tackled challenges a lot like yours. Successfully. And from multiple points of view.

As an executive at a leading online retailer, I led the creation of award-winning, profitable websites generating $200MM + in annual revenue.

As the digital marketing leader at a top ten globally ranked business school, I directed paid media, developed search,social and analytics and led an award-winning redesign.

At an Inc 500 agency and on my own, I’ve helped improve dozens of e-commerce sites across multiple categories.

I’m interested in hearing about the challenges that are keeping you up at night. Let’s Talk.

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Why Clients Hire Me

Organizations come to me because they want MORE from their Internet presence. Most of my engagements emphasize website experience and optimization, strategy, and messaging. Typical projects include site audits, redesign strategy, messaging and content frameworks, customer journey work and website usability labs.

What’s Different?

I am agile and can work high, low, and sideways within any organization. My work centers around the ability of your online presence to meet business and user goals. I place high value on good UX, but I see your site as more than just an appliance: UX is a platform for your selling proposition. When website work provides a side door to solving for positioning and content challenges, we address those together.

What Else?

There are other people who can look at your website, your social and email, or your analytics. I go deeper and find root causes. If your site is under-performing, this often reflects a lack of understanding of the target audience. I help with that, too, delivering bespoke research combining qualitative and quantitative methods. And when we’re ready to execute, I have a trusted team to help bring the strategy to life.

Free E-Commerce Webinar

I missed being in Chicago to speak at RetailX, but I enjoyed delivering this on-demand webinar for the virtual version. Romancing the Social-Distanced Shopper: Get Your Online Fundamentals Right and Watch Conversion Increase. 

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